Many of Jaz’s first memories include yelling at alligators in her backyard, playing inside of boxes, and hanging out with ex-heroine addicts at her grandma’s halfway house in Tampa, Florida. At the tender age of 8, her mother fell in love with a lady in an AOL lesbian chat room and they all moved to snowy Upstate New York.

Much of her childhood was dedicated to aggressively watching television for several hours everyday and then constructing elaborate episodes of her own in marble notebooks.

She received a used Panasonic Hi-8 camera in middle school as a gift from her gay moms. This ignited a fiery passion for film-making that exhausted some friendships, in which case, Jaz resorted to using Barbies and animals for most of her videos.

She miraculously talked her way out of taking all 4 years of required math in high school and graduated with honors. There may or may not have been a few nervous breakdowns involved.

Jaz was then accepted into Syracuse University’s Film Program where she quickly became known for wearing footie pajamas and eating tuna fish sandwiches in class. She learned about art, critical thinking, and (most importantly) how to take criticism.

Her senior thesis film I Heart Assassins was selected to play in the renowned Syracuse International Film Festival’s Youth Showcase.

In the fall of 2011, Jaz and her tortoise drove 3,500 miles to sunny Los Angeles to pursue a career in film.

Keeping her eyes on the road

Almost immediately, Jaz snagged a Director’s Assistant gig on Brea Grant’s directorial debut Best Friends Forever which premiered at SlamDance in 2013.

Since then, Jaz has worked as 2nd AD for French auteur Quentin Dupieux, award-winning horror director Ryan Spindell and the pilot of a children’s show featuring dancing baked potatoes.

For 2 seasons, Jaz was Associate Producer for the critically-acclaimed and Emmy-nominated LGBTQ series Eastsiders. Now streaming on Netflix!

Her real passion however, resides in the realm of Directing. Tired of waiting for opportunities to be thrown her way, Jaz raised 30K in a single month and made her own damn movie! Her directorial debut Ranger Danger, a hilarious horror/comedy about a naive park ranger’s supernatural experiences, is in post-production. For more information about Ranger Danger click HERE!

She is also writing the first season of an absurd show starring her and her tortoise Cheeseburger!

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