Jaz writes scripts for t.v and film focusing on absurdist comedies and horror. Her latest project to be produced are the short films Ranger Danger, Whoopsie Daisy, and The Secret Life of Cheeseburger.

She has also written for The Advocate with the celebrated op-ed “My Lesbian Moms Saved My Life” detailing her experiences growing-up as a gayby in a small town.

in 2017, Jaz was chosen to contribute to the book The Kids by Gabriela Herman which has been featured in Time, Newsweek, Slate, The Atlantic, and Refinery29.

Jaz featured in  Japan’s Newsweek!

“In this book of powerful photographs and moving texts, Gabriela Herman traces the reality of gay families in America: who the kids are, how they think of their parents, what they look like. It’s a testament to diversity, inclusion, and integrity, a book full of both pride and introspection, an important document for our time.”
Andrew Solomon, author of Far from the Tree

Jaz was also a contributing writer to Ms. in the Biz, a website dedicated to female empowerment in the entertainment industry. Check out her stuff here!

Currently Jaz has several works-in-progress including a feature horror mockumentary best described as “Parks and Rec” meets “Halloween” and a fantasy novel series.

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