Cheeseburger the Tortoise and Jaz have been inseparable since 2010. They met when Jaz was working as an overnight merchandise stocker at Petco. They escaped that horrid place and are currently partners-in-crime in the greater Los Angeles area.

Cheesy is known for her stoicism and exceptional beauty which has helped her break in to the world of film and television. She made her acting debut in the feature film Best Friends Forever as “Tortoise.”

She has also made multiple appearances on Disney XD’s The Attack as “Donatello’s Estranged Father” and “Vice President Mike Pence.”

Wearing a fancy tie as VP Mike Pence

Cheeseburger’s modeling career has also taken off.  In collaboration with Jaz, Cheeseburger has been dressing as their favorite feminist tv icons to raise awareness for charity. Series one revolved around the Tatiana Maslany led sci-fi drama Orphan Black. Series two will focus on the beloved Amy Poehler comedy Parks and Rec.

Alison Neckskins
As Orphan Black‘s Alison

Presently, Jaz and Cheese are working on an absurdist web-series in which they will star as fictionalized versions of themselves. They plan to begin shooting season one this year!


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