Mad Men and why I must write

I started watching the show Mad Men. It’s genius. I really cannot say enough good things about it. I’m not going to go on an analytical schpiel but it’s deserved every award received. It’s a strange thing. When I feel such a connection to characters as I do with this show, I begin fantasizing about why they are the way they are. How did they reach this particular point in their lives based on what we, as an audience, have viewed  vs. what we have yet to learn? I get inspired! Call it a compulsion but I have to write down my ideas or I can’t sleep. I get  all goose pimply and excited thinking about the potential that awaits this show. I need to be patient though and watch every episode for little clues into the psych of the characters. I shall post my spec script as soon as I am finished! Tell everyone! Maybe I will get a job out of it!

P.S Joan Holloway forever!           


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