Still Alive

I have kept myself alive for 40 days in L.A. In that short time I’ve discovered many things.
1) The Warner Bros studio smells.
2) Every driver is going to try and kill you dead.
3) The people that don’t talk about their “career in the biz” are usually the most successful and awesome.
4) There are MANY homeless people in this city and most have pretty rad beards, but do not under any circumstances compliment them on it.
5) Weirdos always hang out in front of medicinal weed shops.
6) Always have good music because you will spend an eternity in traffic with only your self as company.
7) Learn Spanish.


One Reply to “Still Alive”

  1. Looking good. Hope all is well. Do not know if you got our Happy New Year, but here it is

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, and hoping that you have a very great new year with all sorts of opportunities. Love you

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