Living the Dream

Hey all,

It’s been a very long time since I have posted and I do sincerely apologize for that. So much has happened that I am forced to make you a comprehensive  list detailing my adventures is La La Land!

1) I came face to face with a Bobcat. He was pretty chill.

2) I’ve gone to Disneyland 3 times. Favorite ride is Thunder Mountain (no matter what Josh Miller says.)

3) I was a nanny/personal assistant for a very well respected and successful Hollywood family. I made it a whole week before coming to the conclusion that I am not suitable for such things. AKA I don’t understand why I can’t just buy your kid stuff from Goodwill.

4) I work as a server  at quite possibly the busiest and loudest restaurant in the history of the world.  I love the serving world because people are pessimistic, snarky, and smoke WAY too many cigs!

5) I’m moving into my very own apartment with my great friend Renee!

6) I discovered Ikea

7) Yogurtland=pure ecstasy

8) Cheeseburger the Tortoise had a discoloration on her shell and I was sick with worry. Turns out it was a little bruise and she’s basically the greatest tortoise that ever lived.

9) I’m directing a short horror/comedy in August!

10) I helped out with a table read and randomly got a small part in a feature film as a racist lady from the 40’s.

11) Writing scripts or as I label them on my computer, scriptiedoos.


Thanks for reading. Be back soon!


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