Hi people who read this. Hope you are well and the holiday season was enjoyable. Obviously you are reading this because you think I’m interesting/and or we’re related so here’s a few updates to satisfy you!

1) I am an associate producer on a new gay webseries called EastSiders and we are totally rocking it. I’m gonna try  to get a cameo on the show just because I’m a ham and I have a really cute dog sweater (sweater with dog on it) the world needs to see. Check it out at probably not safe for work.

2) The film I was set-bitch* on has been accepted to SlamDance in Utah and will be premiering on the first night of the festival. So very proud of this project! It’s called Best Friends Forever and I mentioned it a few posts ago.

**Set-bitch is a term I coined which refers to an individual who performs multiple tasks on set. Not because there isn’t a big enough budget but because said person can do many many jobs quickly, efficiently and can remember a lot. For example on the set of BFF I helped as a stand-in, asst. to the director, production asst, some special fx make-up, ADR,  occasionally set and props, animal handler, extra, and driver. Basically if anyone needs me I’m there like a creeper.


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