Goals (uncensored)

I just recently turned the big 2-5 and with that a sense of impending doom. What am I doing? Why aren’t I having more adventures? That Oscar statuette space on the shelf isn’t filling itself JAZ! I’m posting this list that will be going in my room to inspire and motivate me to live my dreams and reach my potential. (written in my actual internal monologue, there is swearing Whoopsiedaisy!)

Jaz’s list of inspirationandsuch

  1. Don’t fucking sleep all day. I know you hate the sun and I know you are most creative at night, self. But for the love of god going on tickld.com for 4 hours isn’t being creative.
  2. Listen to music more Jaz!
  3. Drink less soda and more water. But I know you’re working on this already so good job.
  4. Write letters to people more often. 
  5. Patience is good, but sometimes you need to take the bull by the horns. Go for it.
  6. Save your money so you can travel.
  7.  Allow yourself to fall in love for once. Then take them traveling with you. Hopefully he will have good life skills. And he must like Tortoises!
  8. Take Cheeseburger the Tortoise outside more often, even if it means you get less sleep. Stop being so selfish.
  9. Do laundry on a regular basis.
  10.  You wouldn’t want anybody saying anything mean about you. So don’t say mean things about others. You have significantly worked on this but theres always room for improvement.
  11. Get your fat ass outside for a run at least 3X a week. Geez!
  12. Always read. It’s your favorite past time and that is a habit you want to pass on.
  13. Sleep under the stars more
  14. Cook for crying out loud. And I don’t mean microwaving!
  15. Join a club.
  16. Try to always see the best in people. So far so good with that. Nice job!
  17. Realize that you’re not everybody’s top priority. World doesn’t revolve around you.
  18. Let your freak flag fly sister!
  19. Always keep an open mind, self.
  20. Be vulnerable sometimes. It’s okay to tell people about yourself. 
  21. Friendship is a 2-way street. If someone isn’t putting in the effort then you might need to let them go.
  22. Get a dog
  23. Teach the dog cool tricks. Maybe take it to sick kids and stuff
  24. Plant a garden in your very own yard
  25. Get a place with your very own yard
  26. Always believe in magic even if it’s just your imagination
  27. Write every goddamned day. I MEAN IT! You have awesome stories. Share them.
  28. Try acting. See what all the fuss is about. Maybe you will be really good at it! 
  29. Learn French. Parlez vous Frances?
  30. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Just don’t kill anyone or get arrested and you’ll be fine 🙂

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