Still Here

I’m almost in my seventh year here in L.A and yet more friends are leaving to explore life in the “real world.”

I often get mad at them because I feel like they have given up on their dreams.

But they haven’t.

Rather, they’ve morphed their dreams into something different. Life to them isn’t just about movies and telling stories anymore. They want houses and children in quiet places.

This is difficult for me because my imagination has always been my constant companion in life. I would shrivel up inside if I didn’t have the opportunity to create, to write, to direct, to act, to make people feel things. I often have nightmares that I never moved to L.A and I’m on the outside looking in at this place WHERE THINGS HAPPEN.

Perhaps it’s a flaw in my character. Perhaps dreams are supposed to remain just that: dreams.

But I made a promise to myself and I intend to keep it.

I wish them so much happiness and fulfillment and I hope their new dreams come true.

I’ll still be here.



One Reply to “Still Here”

  1. You are making all the right choices. Don't you dare give up your dreams and settle. You can have it all.Love youSent from my Veriz

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