Edit, Edit, Edit

I’m nearly done with the Ranger Danger edit so we can begin submitting to festivals, FINALLY!

It’s been an incredibly long road to get this far and I feel like enough time has passed to share why things have taken so long.

Approximately one month after shooting the movie, a man hit the back corner of my truck on the way home from my serving job. I fishtailed and slammed into the guard rail at 60 MPH, ricocheted off and ended up turned around 180. My truck wouldn’t start. I calmly batted away the deflated airbag, grabbed my purse and got out. Moments later, a semi hit my truck head on. It was the loudest crash I’d ever heard. I don’t want to get into too many details but there were lawyers, insurance claims and physical therapy and I had to ride up to 2 hours one-way on the metro to get to work everyday.


Which brings us to 3 months after the accident. My lovely friend Jason, who happens to be the lead in Ranger Danger, was kind enough to take me to a few car dealerships to look around. We grabbed lunch and chatted about the project and how excited he was to be back in the acting game after so many years. He dropped me off and we hugged. With a smile on my face, he drove away.  Our boss became worried when he didn’t show up for work the next day. They found him that afternoon. He died in his kitchen that morning. I found out when I woke up to a menagerie of texts and missed calls. My dear friend, who believed in me and believed in this project since the beginning, was gone.

I mourned for a long while. Editing was out of the question at that time because I couldn’t tolerate seeing his face or hearing his voice just yet. It was too much.

Which brings us to 3 months after he died. I had already cut a trailer and was beginning to transcode all the footage when I began having eye pain. This was different that my usual astigmatism strain. I realized I couldn’t read anything out of my right eye. After a couple weeks of testing, the Opthamologist concluded that I had something called Optic Neuritis. This is the inflammation of the optic nerve. If you think of the optic nerve as a hose passing information from your eye sensors to your brain squiggles, Optic Neuritis is when somebody steps on that hose and you aren’t getting all the info. I had an MRI done and there weren’t any lesions on my brain so it is very unlikely that my ON is caused by Multiple Sclerosis (the main culprit of ON.) Sometimes it’s just a random thing. ON usually subsides on its own after a few months but sometimes there’s scar tissue and you don’t regain all of your sight back. I still have major blind spots but I’m happy I can see at all.

You can understand my excitement that after everything  this thing is nearly done. And I stuck with it for all of you: The people that donated, that gave me words of encouragement, that I know will love this fun, creepy, absurd movie. It’s all for you guys. Thanks for waiting!



One Reply to “Edit, Edit, Edit”

  1. Your friggen amazing. You are one of the strongest people I know and through all of the shit you have come out on the other side. This film is meant to be finished and showed. This my Jaz is your door opening to bigger and better(well deserved) things. I love you poopy.

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